Candidate Details


  • Location : Sydney
  • Visa Status : Australian Citizen
  • Certifications :
  • Contract price : $950 per day (ex GST)
  • Annual Salary price : $140K (ex Super)
  • Minimum Contract Length : 3 months
Employment History

Describe with few words what you are looking to find in the new role

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Preferred Roles

Software Engineer


Software development professional with 8+ years in analysis, design, development, testing various mobile Applications. Successfully leading large-scale, enterprise projects. Focused on delivering high performance applications across industries such as healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce. Technology enthusiast keeping up to date with the latest in the industry.

Responsibilities during the last few jobs

Deliver high performing application with tight timelines in high pressure environments.

Collect requirements and provide architecture solutions

Implement suitable encryption mechanism to secure data

Adopt suitable design patterns like MVP and MVVM keeping in mind the scalability and performance of the application`

Establish development standards to facilitate high-quality code and leverage the latest in technology

Liaise with internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis

Research on application acceptance and solicited feedback from users to make the new and existing applications more user friendly and improve performance.

Work in Agile environment and experience in implementing Agile/SCRUM methodology and TDD in projects

Point of contact for onshore team