Candidate Details


  • Location : Sydney
  • Visa Status : Partner Visa
  • Certifications :
  • Contract price : $830 per day (ex GST)
  • Annual Salary price : $100K (ex Super)
  • Minimum Contract Length : 3 months
Employment History

Describe with few words what you are looking to find in the new role

Grow with professional development and Work-life balance

Preferred Roles

Software Engineer, Mobile Developer


Mobile Applications developer with 6+ years of professional experience in dynamic and deadline-driven work environments. Excellent problem solver with the ability to quickly grasp complex systems and identify critical issues with providing their solutions.

Responsibilities during the last few jobs

Enhancements to existing iOS application and restructuring design patterns for app stability

Involved in architectural design when decisions to overhaul the existing application kickstart

Develop features based on product team's requirement and also developed migration module

Manage a team of developers

Delegate Jira tickets according to feature priority and ensure that communication is transparent between team members.

Used Agile and Scrum workflow development

Code review and test out iOS application on a regular basis and subsequently release app for internal testing

Used Realm for local Database and GraphQL to querying API

Implementation some part of the API layers (Using Python)

Work on Web Development (frontend) using HTML and Javascript