Candidate Details


  • Location : Sydney
  • Visa Status : Australian Citizen
  • Certifications : Cisco CCNA
  • Contract price : $510 per day (ex GST)
  • Annual Salary price : $80K (ex Super)
  • Minimum Contract Length : 12 months
Employment History

Describe with few words what you are looking to find in the new role

Work for a company with the ability to progress into a higher role

Preferred Roles

System Administrator or systems engineer


Experienced System Administrator with strong experience managing server/network infrastructures and data-centre operations across Windows\Linux Platforms. Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize IT infrastructures to achieve high availability and performance. Providing a high emphasis on Cyber Security with a multi layered approach to security.

Responsibilities during the last few jobs

MPLS to SD-WAN migration

Set up Linux servers

Build wsus server

Replaced network infrastructure with ubiquiti devices

Build MDT server

CloudFlare Load balancer

Configure pfsense firewalls

Migrate exchange servers

Migrate SQL server

PowerShell scripting